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When it comes to pollen, there are various types of pollen such as cedar, cypress, and ragweed, and the seasons in which symptoms appear vary depending on the type. Many people suffer from hay fever in autumn!

Hay fever is a disease that many people suffer from, so much so that it is said to be a national disease. The symptoms may be worse than last year, so it's best to take precautions. We will introduce some renovations that will help prevent pollen, so please refer to them. (It can also be used as a countermeasure against yellow dust and PM2.5.)

It's autumn hay fever season!

Take measures against pollen with renovation

Don't let pollen into the room

It is important not to bring pollen indoors when you come home from outside. ​The scattered pollen also gets attached to the clothes you are wearing before you know it. If you enter the house as it is, you will bring pollen with you, and you will experience pollen symptoms even inside your room. If you have a place to store pollen-covered jackets, coats, shoes, etc., you can prevent pollen from being brought indoors!

Image reference: From LIXIL 


If you have space,Large walk-in type storageis recommended!


If you install a clothes rack in a large entryway storage area like a walk-in, you can take off your jacket before entering the room, which prevents pollen from entering the room. You can store umbrellas and other things you use outside, keeping your entrance clear and your daily life running smoothly. There are many advantages, so if you have space, we recommend walk-in storage in the entryway!


Entrance storage with coat hanger Change it to!

4 (1).jpg

If you don't have the space and don't want to do anything big, why not replace your entryway storage with one that comes with a coat hanger?

It is important not to bring coats or jackets contaminated with pollen indoors.

You can choose a type that suits your lifestyle, such as a type that can be stored inside, a type that has a hanger on the outside, or a type that can be stored on the side.

​Be sure to dust off the pollen outside before entering!

Only when using it, take down the rod and dry it indoors.
Can be installed from the bathroom to the living room

​​Clothes drying unit!


We recommend drying laundry indoors during seasons with high levels of pollen and PM2.5. In addition, there are many opportunities to dry clothes indoors, such as during the rainy season, on cold days, or on days when you are late at work and cannot do laundry.


You can store your laundry when it's not being hung to dry, keeping your room tidy.

​There are also electric types that are easy to operate, making them ideal for households that often dry clothes indoors.​If you use a dehumidifier to dry clothes, the drying time will be faster.​It is necessary to plan in conjunction with ventilation equipment to prevent moisture from accumulating indoors.

​Panasonic Hoshihime SAMA

Dry indoors on days with a lot of pollen.

Laundry Hanging_edited.png

There are various types available to choose from depending on the installation location and family structure. ​


<Ceiling-mounted 2 rods/Electric>


<Ceiling-mounted 1 rod/Electric>


<Ceiling-mounted 1 rod/manual>


(1 wall-mounted rod/manual)


There's even a dryer for the changing room!

The trick to drying quickly is to be creative with how you dry it!


There are various types such as ceiling-embedded type and wall-mounted type!

Not only can it be used as a clothes drying room, but it can also be used to prevent heat shock caused by temperature differences in winter. It can be dried thoroughly, so there is no smell of half-dried food.

I don't have enough indoor drying space...

in that caseBathroom heating dryer!


Ventilate while blocking pollen

Even though it's pollen season, you want to ventilate your room. Both spring and fall, the weather is good during pollen season, so you want to circulate the air indoors. A ventilation system provides ventilation while suppressing dirt and pollen from the outside air.

indoor ventilation fanair purifier type

Exchange to ​.

I also use it

at my company


Mitsubishi Electric Ventilation Fan/Air Purifier "Lossnay"


Features ① Equipped with “heat exchange function”

Ventilation is performed while reusing (heat recovery) the warmth and coolness inside the room that would otherwise be thrown away during ventilation. Approximately 50 to 80% of thermal energy can be recovered, reducing the heating and cooling load in summer and winter, enabling energy-saving ventilation.


Feature ② Equipped with "simultaneous supply and exhaust function"

"LOSSNAY" is equipped with two fans, one for exhaust and one for air supply. The exhaust fan exhausts dirty air from inside the room, while the air supply fan takes in outside air for systematic ventilation.

Various other measures

Tiles that suppress

the action of environmental allergens

[Suppress environmental allergens with LIXIL's unique technology]

When environmental allergens present in your home come into contact with Allerpure, the anti-allergen agent coated on the tile surface suppresses its action.

It suppresses not only pollen but also allergens such as mold, dust mites, dogs, and cats.

There are many variations, so you can choose according to the image of your room!

​You can also use it to change the look of your room!


Highly functional

​Screen door filter!


[Cross Cabin]

The mesh size is approximately 1/160th that of conventional door screen nets.

〇Pollen prevention rate 80% or more

〇 Ultraviolet transmission approximately 60%

〇Effect of blocking visibility from outside Transmittance approximately 60%

(Breathability is approximately 50% to 30% of conventional screen doors)

pollen catch

​Lace curtain


[Pollen catching curtain]

The special fibers of the curtains act as a filter to catch pollen and dust, preventing it from entering the room.

You can easily remove dirt by washing in the washing machine, and lace curtains are easy to handle as they dry quickly and do not wrinkle easily.

When going out, take precautions such as pollen glasses, masks, and pollen blocking spray.

Recommended countermeasure goods!

Achieving the highest pollen cut rate in "Zoff" history!
At first glance, they look like regular glasses, so they're easy to wear.




Your skin also becomes more sensitive during pollen season. Spray before going out- and guard against pollen and PM2.5!

Shiseido Ihada

Allele Screen EX 

A handy brush that anyone can use easily. Just by tracing your body with a brush, you can remove about 90% of pollen.


Pollen cleaner for clothes "Bucca"


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