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The insulation performance of a home is related to the health of the people who live there. Renovation is an opportunity to review insulation performance.

So that you can live a long and healthy life in a home you love​, it is important to understand the current situation and make a plan for insulation.

The government has declared that it aims to achieve carbon neutrality by reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

Subsidies are often enacted for insulation work, so you may be able to take advantage of the system.



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window insulation

It can be said that insulating windows, which have the largest amount of heat coming in and going out, is very effective.
As an added bonus, it prevents condensation, and double-glazed windows also have a soundproofing effect.

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Replace with double glazing

We will make use of the existing window frame and replace only the glass part.


Replace with insulated sash

Replace the window by replacing the existing window frame with a new frame.


​Installing the inner window

Installing inner windows on existing windows will make them double  windows.The soundproofing effect is also high.

ceiling insulation

In the summer, the temperature in the attic can exceed 50 degrees Celsius. Proper insulation reduces temperature rise and increases cooling efficiency.

Of course, it is also effective as a heating measure in winter.


Blowing method (ceiling insulation method)

We enter the attic through the ceiling inspection opening, and after constructing an air flow stopper, we blow in using a special blow-in machine.
It is possible to perform construction without gaps, and the construction thickness can be freely set. If you have existing insulation, it can also be blown in over it.


Ceiling installation

Enter the attic through the ceiling inspection opening, install an airflow stopper to prevent outside air from entering the upper part of the wall (periphery/partition wall), and then lay insulation material without any gaps.

wall insulation

It blocks out the heat and cold from outside and at the same time prevents heat from being lost from indoor air conditioning and heating, reducing utility costs..


​Insulate the existing wall as is

We will install insulation board inside the existing wall. Since it is pasted from above, there is no need to disassemble it.


​Remove existing wall and insulate

When renovating the interior from the groundwork, filling insulation can be installed. The construction is done so that there are no gaps, increasing confidentiality.

floor insulation

Improves insulation performance and eliminates cold bottom and drafts in winter. Since it can be installed from under the floor, there is no need to turn up the floor, making it a relatively easy insulation renovation.


We will deliver the insulation material.


We will begin construction after properly curing the surrounding floors, furniture, etc.


We will install it by entering the floor from the kitchen's underfloor storage or Japanese-style room. Once the insulation has been inserted without any gaps, secure it firmly so it doesn't fall off and you're done!

Comfortable heating that covers your weak points

Take proper insulation measures and cover weak points with heating.

●Floor heating


The underfloor heating that warms your feet is comfortable.

​There are various types such as hot water and electricity, and some can be installed over the existing floor.

●Small space multi-air conditioner “Cocotas”


There are also multi-purpose air conditioners that can fit compactly into the narrow ceilings of small spaces such as bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens.

●Bathroom drying heater & washroom heater


If you install a bathroom ventilation/heating/dryer and a washbasin heater as a set, you can make bathing on cold days more comfortable.

Special insulation materials with safety and eco-friendliness in mind

Some products were developed with safety as the top priority, and were developed as ``insulation materials that are safe even when babies are wrapped up in them.''

​This is a 100% polyester insulation material made from recycled plastic bottles, and the fibers are self-fused together. Since no adhesive is used, there is no volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.


There are various types depending on the purpose, such as board type and board type. If you are concerned about sick house syndrome or want to use safe and eco-friendly products, please consider this option. Perfect Barrier is a product often used in eco homes and healthy homes.

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