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Just because you have storage space doesn't mean it won't get messy. First of all, "Dispose of unnecessary items.'' I would like to do this regularly.

"Having storage where you need it.'' This is also very important and will make cleaning up much easier. You can avoid clutter by assigning addresses to frequently used items. 
Once you think about storage, you may be able to free yourself from the stress of cleaning up and create a comfortable space.

Think about stress-free storage.
I want to add a closet. What dimensions do you need?
If you simply don't have enough storage space, consider adding a closet.

Source: DAIKEN

If it is a wall closetApproximately 60cmis said to be easy to use. It is the most popular because it can be built if there is space on the wall.

​If it is deep, it may be difficult to store it.


Source: LIXIL

If you have a walk-in closet,Depth 90cm, width 1m80cm,You can add more from. You can also convert an unused room or closet into a walk-in closet. Various patterns are possible, such as not having a door or building it in the middle of the room.

Decide what to place and plan the interior carefully!

Many manufacturers also offer internal storage units that can be assembled freely, such as drawers, racks, and shelves. It can be installed according to the size of the storage space, so there is no waste and clutter.

​It is very important to plan the interior carefully, rather than just adding more storage and cramming it in.

My  fave!

I would love to try it if I had the space! A wonderful closet from overseas.


Source: pinterest

I want storage. However, there are many people who have limited space and cannot find space.

​ Another option is to change the existing storage and increase the storage capacity.

The kitchen storage is excellent.

There tends to be more stuff in the kitchen. The storage capacity of the kitchen itself has improved considerably now, and the surrounding storage is also quite excellent!

It has all the storage you need in your kitchen and has a clean look. For those who keep things scattered around, simply changing the surrounding storage area may reduce the stress of storage considerably.

Change storage to make it easier to use and increase storage capacity.


Increase storage capacity by arranging living room storage along one wall.

Create a workspace in your bedroom as well.

Turn one side of the TV into a storage space to store the things you need in your living room.

I can't find enough space.
Partially increase. Displayable storage that enriches your soul.

Source: WOOD ONE


​If you have a private room, open storage is easy to use and GOOD!

​If you have a solid wood shelf like this, you'll want to show it off.

Storage that you'll want to show off.

Storage isn't just about hiding.

Enjoy displaying your hobbies and things you like.


When building a walk-in, we pay particular attention to ease of use. If the things you store are set up properly, you can store as much as you want without overcrowding it, which is just a dream!

Let's start when you feel like it. Change your storage and make your life stress-free.


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