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It has come to be known as the era of 100-year lifespans, and the number of people in their 50s and 60s who are ready to renovate their homes is increasing. Since they will be able to spend more time relaxing at home, there are many people who want to renovate their homes to specifications based on their own values so that they can continue to live healthy, independent, and unique lives for a long time. is.​Let's plan a future home where you can live the way you want.

To enjoy your second life.
What is it like to create a space that you can live in forever?

POINT.1 Eliminate temperature differences within the house.

In winter, when you move from a warm living room to a cold bathroom or toilet, a sudden change in temperature causes your blood pressure to rise, causing heat shock, which can lead to a stroke or myocardial infarction. To prevent this,The basic idea is to improve insulation and airtightness to reduce temperature differences within the house.
Click here for more information on insulation.

POINT.2 Let's also pay attention to the material.

For example, plastered walls maintain just the right amount of humidity and create clean air. And the solid wood floor gives you an indescribable comfort when you touch your bare feet. Enjoy it with your eyes, feel it with your skin, enjoy its scent, etc.Natural materials that can be felt with all five senses are highly functional materials that are gentle on the body and​Also, one of the joys of using natural materials is the change in color over time.

Prevent disease!
Prevent injuries!

Prevent trips and falls by eliminating small steps

Although we pay attention to large steps, it is difficult to notice small steps, and it is not uncommon for people to trip due to turned up carpets. Flatten unobtrusive steps such as the boundaries between flooring and carpets or tatami mats, and the thresholds of fittings. Consider turning sliding doors into hanging doors that don't require a threshold, recessing the threshold with groove rails into the floor, and using a drainage unit between the bathroom and dressing room to eliminate the difference in level.

no stress



Balance peace of mind and freedom in a space that gently connects

From now on, we are reaching an age where anything can happen at any time. For example, if a couple is doing what they both like,A comfortable sense of distance that gently connects is Based in the living and dining area,A safe distance where you can feel each other's presenceYou could say it is. A floor plan that allows for a feeling of presence even in cases of two households or living together is something to consider.

​A sense of security that is prepared.

​It's okay now. But please be kind to yourself as you get older.

POINT.1 A floor plan that allows you to live with a short flow line by consolidating plumbing areas.


Going up and down the stairs is good exercise, butIt may become more difficult in the future. Looking ahead,In the case of a detached house,Install an elevator or consider a floor plan that allows you to live on one floor.The ultimate easy floor plan is a one-room that has all the functions of a home, but if you make the LDK larger or make the adjoining guest room, you can put a bed in the future.
Toilet, washroom and bathroom all togetherIt will be smoother if you can move in a straight line when you open the sliding door. If the toilet and bedroom are close, you can feel safe using the toilet at night. Decide on a floor plan so that the flow path is short, such as from the washing machine to the balcony to indoor drying to the closet.


POINT.2 Reinforcing the base of handrails and widening hallways and stairs


When you get older, having a handrail will help you move around and get up and down more stably. Handrails are secured using studs inside the wall, or in areas where there are no studs, reinforce the base material behind the wall and drive screws into place.Even if you don't need it now, add a base material.Without a base, a thick base board would have to be fixed from the top of the wall, which would not look good. If you put a base layer on it, it will be easier to carry out the construction when the time comes, and the beauty will not be compromised.The width of hallways is generally 78 cm, but if you plan to install handrails, ensure a wider width for hallways and stairs.Let's do it. A wheelchair can easily pass through a path with a width of 80 to 85 cm or more.

Try to focus on having a rich time.
Isn't this the time when you want a special space? Let's plan for a rich second life

Until now, I have been busy and have been cooking a lot of dishes.

Now that I have more time,

"A kitchen where you can have a girls' night out with like-minded friends''

"A kitchen with functionality because I love cooking''etc 

Renovate as you like Let's do it!

When the children leave the nest and the family is left with just the husband and wife ,It would be nice to have a room and private space for each hobby. The more time you spend together, the more time you need alone. Why not create a hobby room or a space where you can relax and have fun?

Use the convenient features.


IH cooking heater

Some say that it is difficult to use if you are used to gas stoves, but IH is better.Highly safe, flat and easy to cleanThere is also an advantage.

​Triple wide IH is popular because it has a wide front and is easy to work with!


Range hood that doesn't require cleaning

Cleaning a range hood is a very time-consuming and difficult task. For example, "Hotto Clean Food" does not require cleaning the fan for 10 years! This is an excellent product that allows you to clean the plate (oil collecting plate) where oil stains collect by washing it in the dishwasher once a year. Functions are constantly evolving, so please incorporate anything that will reduce your burden.

​bath room

​Bench type counter

You can take a bath directly from the bench counter, and attaching a support bar (handrail) will make it easier to move around. The design is clean, and you don't have to put a chair in it, so it's nice to have a spacious bathroom.

Bathing requires a lot of physical strength, so it's a good idea to choose a type of bath that you can do easily, keeping in mind what you'll do later on.



​Electric lifting shelf

With the push of a button, the storage cabinet automatically goes up and down. It will be in an easy-to-reach area. There are also items that you can customize to suit your needs, such as storage for cooking appliances, a seasoning holder, and sterilization and drying options for cutting boards and dish towels!

You won't have to make unstable movements like reaching out to pick up things, and your work will become smoother, so please try it out.


touchless faucet

It doesn't get dirty because you don't touch it. Even without touching the faucet, you can turn the water on and off just by waving your hand over the sensor. Ease and cleanliness for the kitchen has evolved, including a built-in water purifier and the industry's first easy-to-clean pedestal.


​bath room

​Bathroom cleaning support

The floor wiper keeps it clean by ``cleaning and disinfecting'' with the touch of a button, and the cleaning bathtub automatically cleans the inside of the bathtub. If you use it every day, you only need to wash your hands once every two weeks.

​bath room

Heating the washroom as well

Many homes have bathroom heaters and dryers. A ventilation fan that heats the bathroom and washroom at the same time will protect you from the cold winter weather.

​ Also helps prevent heat shock!

​Various things to make your life more comfortable.
It's  easy.

Your smartphone becomes your door key


​Hold the card over to open and close.


If you have the remote control key, you can open and close it with your fingers.


Even a regular key is a spare.

Electric locks are becoming commonplace in cars, and cards are convenient for ticket gates at stations. The front door can be easily opened and closed using a remote control, card, or mobile phone, allowing each family member to choose the type that is most convenient for them. If you have a remote control key type or smartphone, you can unlock it with just a touch if you keep the key in your bag or pocket. It's safe because you don't have to take out the key and your hands are occupied. You can also set it to auto-lock, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door.

​Opening and closing the front door becomes easier. Also for crime prevention.
It makes cleaning easier. robot vacuum cleaner

Good  job


Fun and convenient. Products like this too!

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with AI and has improved functionality. It can distinguish between rooms and remember the placement of furniture. It will definitely help you with your housework. You can also try it out with a subscription!



morning trio

​You can make breakfast with this one machine. We also have fun products like this.


Healsio Hot Cook

​A next-generation home appliance that allows you to cook just by adding ingredients! There are a lot of recipes, so it might make your housework easier.

My tastes and lifestyle change over time. Plan ahead for renovations in your 50s and 60s.

​I'm sure my future self will be happy with that. Even if it's not because you're a senior, housework should be easier, and if you have convenient features, you can make your life more enjoyable.

For  the  future.


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