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​ Whole house renovation

modern interior

Everyone's lifestyle is different and will change.

"I would like to turn my current residence into a two-family home where we can live together."

``We have purchased an apartment and would like to renovate it to our specifications.''

Renovation was triggered by a big reason.

“Now that our children have left the nest and we are now a married couple, I want to enjoy my life!”

“I want to live comfortably with my pet!”

Renovation in search of a home that suits you now.

There are various types of individuals and families, and each has different needs.

The biggest advantage of renovation is that you can realize your own favorite designs and requests, rather than following a predetermined pattern, and it is our job to give shape to those ideas and make them come true!

 ​Petit renovation

luxury kitchen

Don't underestimate it just because it's a small renovation!


By renovating a part of your home that you've been curious about, you can experience a new level of comfort, ease of use, and stress relief.
for example···

★Change to your favorite interior
★Change to the latest equipment
★Reduce disturbing sounds through soundproofing
★ Expand the room you usually spend time in and make it more comfortable
★Increase/move entrances, windows, etc.


Even if it is only a partial renovation, the level of satisfaction will be much higher♪

Exterior renovation


The most important thing to keep in mind when renovating the exterior is "harmony."

The building + exterior structure is one living space.If the tastes of both parties do not match, it will leave a feeling of discomfort, so it is important to plan with a balance in mind.

It is also the same as the floor plan of the house,Flow lines and placement are very important.Plan an easy-to-use layout within a limited space.

This is an important element not only for design and usability, but also for improving safety and crime prevention. For example, there are excellent products such as non-slip tiles, security lights, and mailboxes, so we will think about them together.

We strive to create an exterior plan that balances appearance and functionality!

About the renovation process

The first step is to consult with us! Of course, estimates are free.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about remodeling, including product details, estimates, costs, etc. We will respond promptly whether you use the inquiry form on our website or by calling us directly.


Presentation of plans and quotations

We will explain your renovation plan and provide you with a written estimate. We bring drawings, presentations, catalogs, samples, etc., and try to convey the image in an easy-to-understand manner.


Construction begins

aboc's highly experienced employees will manage the construction site.


On-site survey/meeting

We will discuss your renovation needs, your wishes, and your lifestyle.
During the on-site survey, we thoroughly understand the structure and shape of the building, determine what needs to be done to realize your wishes, and measure the necessary areas.


Once the plan and quotation are decided, sign the contract.

We will discuss the plan until you are satisfied with it, and once you are satisfied with the estimated price, we will sign a contract. We will then discuss the construction process and the start date.


Delivery after completion of construction

After completion, we will check it at our company and then perform a final check together with the customer.


After-sales service/maintenance

After completion, the real relationship begins.
We will also provide advice on after-sales follow-up and maintenance methods so that you can live a longer and more comfortable life.


Please feel free to contact us.

​Thank you for visiting aboc's homepage.
​ Estimates are free, so please feel free to contact us.
☏ 0120-103-403

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